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Transmission – Official Trailer

Transmission – Official Trailer

Featured Project: Transmission

It’s hard for us to imagine the majesty of the Canadian west without conjuring the image of wild sheep on a lonely mountainside. But today, in British Columbia, the last of our wild sheep are slipping away. Although habitat loss has changed the face of wildlife around the world, Canadian wild sheep are dying – whole herds at a time – from a disease. 

It’s called MOVI, and there is no cure. No vaccine. But there are a handful of dedicated individuals doing all they can to ‘flatten the curve’, and save our wild sheep – one of this country’s most important indicator species. 

So far, the common method of dealing with MOVI is to capture, test, and cull – on the spot – all positive wild animals. This film begins out in the field on one such capture and cull operation. It’s difficult work – both physically and emotionally – and that’s precisely what’s driving team leader and top wildlife vet, Helen Schantje to consider a revolutionary approach to saving these sheep.

This is a story from the front lines of conservation. Disturbingly similar to the on-going human pandemic, this is a film about hard choices, sacrifices, scientific breakthroughs, heartbreak, and above all, hope – not just for wild sheep, but for the future of all our wild places.

1Campfire – “IHunt” Web Series

1Campfire – “IHunt” Web Series

1CampfireMultiple Releases 2021 through current Since 2021 we have been working with the not-for-profit organization 1Campfire to help share stories about hunting. 1Campfire was created to share more authentic and honest stories about why people hunt or support...



Wild Sheep Society of BCCompleted 2022 The Wild Sheep Society of BC is one of BC's leading conservation organizations. WSSBC's reputation to put money on the ground that directly effects wildlife is held in the highest regard. One of their action items is to continue...

The Wind & The Wolves

The Wind & The Wolves

Journal Of Mountain Hunting / Monashee MediaReleased 2021 Throughout North America, a hunter’s first buck often represents a right of passage — for many, it is a modern coming of age story. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation, securing food for the...

“Your vibe attracts your tribe. I met Filter Studios while working on a cool piece on the Salish Sea, trying to get designation as a Unesco World Heritage Site in conjunction with Sea Legacy. The relationship has morphed into a deep and diverse relationship around business, friendship, philanthropic work, and passions. I am grateful to the Filter team’s storytelling and, most importantly their ethos and DNA. “

Willie Mitchell, Tofino Resort + Marina / Project Kingsize

What we do

We communicate experience through film. We tell stories. Big, small, personal, comical, inspirational. We tell stories about people, about places, and about the connections between each and every one of us. Since we love being outside, we also love it when our films are about wild places – both without, and within. It’s about as simple as that.

But we also hold ourselves to a special set of standards.

There is no experience without emotion. No victory without struggle. No fact matter without stakes. And no story at all without truth, and heart.

These lessons, learned through our years in the industry, have come to define each film we make. No matter the length. No matter the format. No matter the client.

For brands, organizations and individuals working and playing in the outdoor space – and for anyone with a story to tell – Filter Studios provides top tier, all-in, story-focused film production services, from pre-production to post, delivery to distribution. 

We also proudly provide story development services, creative consulting, production consulting, production management, cinematography and directing services, and even gear rental.

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