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The Wind & The Wolves – Trailer

The Wind & The Wolves – Trailer

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It’s hard for us to imagine the majesty of the Canadian west without conjuring the image of wild sheep on a lonely mountainside. But today, in British Columbia, the last of our wild sheep are slipping away. Although habitat loss has changed the face of wildlife around the world, Canadian wild sheep are dying – whole herds at a time – from a disease. 

It’s called MOVI, and there is no cure. No vaccine. But there are a handful of dedicated individuals doing all they can to ‘flatten the curve’, and save our wild sheep – one of this country’s most important indicator species. 

So far, the common method of dealing with MOVI is to capture, test, and cull – on the spot – all positive wild animals. This film begins out in the field on one such capture and cull operation. It’s difficult work – both physically and emotionally – and that’s precisely what’s driving team leader and top wildlife vet, Helen Schantje to consider a revolutionary approach to saving these sheep.

This is a story from the front lines of conservation. Disturbingly similar to the on-going human pandemic, this is a film about hard choices, sacrifices, scientific breakthroughs, heartbreak, and above all, hope – not just for wild sheep, but for the future of all our wild places.

The Wind & The Wolves

The Wind & The Wolves

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“In a world where there have never been so many great content creators out there, Jesse and Tash understand what it takes to set a project apart. Islander wanted to penetrate a new regional market and figured a film would help us get there. Filter took our idea for a film and turned it into a story… One that personally resonated with the community of anglers we were hoping to reach. If you’re looking for a film that says something more about your brand than just the images you see on the screen, they’re your guys.”

Steven Rennalls, Islander Reels

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We communicate experience through film. We tell stories. Big, small, personal, comical, inspirational. We tell stories about people, about places, and about the connections between each and every one of us. Since we love being outside, we also love it when our films are about wild places – both without, and within. It’s about as simple as that.

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These lessons, learned through our years in the industry, have come to define each film we make. No matter the length. No matter the format. No matter the client.

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