About Us

Jesse Bone

Producer / Editor

As a founder at Filter, I feel that one of my most important roles is to ensure we never lose sight of our foundational passion for creative, immersive storytelling. It’s what sets us apart and what I am most proud of when I think of all we’ve achieved here. And I still feel like we’re only just getting started! 

When I’m not helping shape our current and future films, I’m an avid mountain biker, a passionate ski bum, and a proud dad. I live in beautiful Cumberland, B.C., with my wife, Jasmine, and my two kids, Benji and Sasha. 

Some of my favourite films include; Bringing out the Dead, The Revenant, and The Dawn Wall.

Tash Baycroft

Director / Editor

I get obsessed with things—especially really good stories. I’m not sure where it comes from or when it’ll wear off, but it started long before I bought my first Super 8 camera from a thrift store in the 90s and showed no signs of slowing down. At least not yet. I want my work, like my life, to find the deepest parts of the human experience – no matter what I’m doing or what’s in front of our lens. 

When I’m not obsessing about work, I’m obsessing about hunting, fishing, trail running, and dadding two great kids.

Some of my favourite films include; Amelie, Chef’s Table, The King’s Speech, and Foxcatcher.