“As filmmakers, as craftsmen, we learn that the devil’s in the details. Tash and I believe in running Filter the same way, giving attention and pride to everything we do, every customer interaction we have, every film we complete, and every time we reach for our gear. That way, when we finally take a step back from our work, we have a product we can all be proud of.”  – Jesse

Story Strategy + Development Image

Story Strategy + Development

In many instances, the creative and strategic ‘pre-production’ phase is the most important part of any production. It can also be the most challenging. Let us help. We love this part of the process; it helps us get to know our clients and their vision. We love brainstorming with others, exchanging ideas, and developing a vision and a plan we can execute. 

We’ll ensure the creative plan aligns with your company brand, voice, and story. From brainstorming to outline, story development to the script, to overall strategy, our team is always open, inventive, empathetic, experienced and ready to start working with you!

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Full-Service Film Production

From run-and-gun documentaries to high-end product spots, scripted films, cinematic shorts, promotional videos or podcasts, we are equipped to handle nearly any production you can think of – nearly anywhere in the world you can think to do it!

Want a specific look to your film? Have you been dreaming of that one incredible shot? We’ve got the equipment to carry it out or know how to get it.

Our customizable field team of directors, cinematographers, and sound operators are all top-tier professionals with both experience and reputation in the industry. We’ll also guarantee they’ll be authentic, easygoing, patient, tough, and above all, dedicated to your product.

Wilderness Production Image

Wilderness Production

Whether it’s the peak of the Rocky Mountains or 120 miles offshore, we’ve been to both, and we love filming in wild places. There’s nothing quite like the challenge of bringing the technical side of filmmaking to the world’s most remote, most challenging, and most hard-to-reach vistas!

As avid outdoorsmen, everyone on the Filter team shares the same conviction: the natural world we have left is a gift, and our responsibility is to help preserve it. It’s simple since we both work and play in the great outdoors, we feel a strong obligation to leave the wilderness in as good or better a condition as how we found it every time we go outside. As a result, Filter Studios is a proud member of “2% for Conservation.”

We’ve long believed that the right story told in the right way can change the world, so we are passionate about creating films that help engage, inspire and call people to action. We want to be there when you’re ready to let your story make a difference. 

Nature is not merely something to be looked at but something we are all immersed in every day, whether we realize it or not.

Editing + Post Production Image

Editing + Post Production

We are outfitted with multiple high-performance edit suites, a cutting-edge data-storage system, the latest software, and, most importantly, the professionals who can handle any workflow – from simple edits to feature film.

With multiple editors of varying specialties, we’ll be able to handpick the post crew that’s right for your project. And why not let us also take care of sound engineering, colour correction, music and music rights, animation and visual effects, delivery schedules, data storage and any other technical hurdle you can think of?

Marketing + Distribution Image

Marketing + Distribution

For those who make films, navigating the post-broadcast, on-demand, the online era has been both a challenge and an education. Storytellers have had to find and develop new platforms, mediums, and ways of reaching their audience. It’s not easy, but the potential is now here to get more extensive, broader, and distant audiences than ever before – and that excites us! 

Long before the cameras roll, we’re already thinking about who our audience is and how we will reach them. At Filter, it’s just part of the job. So for your next project, product, film, or call to action, let us help with your marketing and distribution strategy. Let’s find your audience together!