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Karl Blattmann – The story of a vegan turned hunter


Multiple Releases 2019- 2020

If you don’t know, you don’t know.”, a common phrase you’ll hear hunters say. They’re a group that often feels voiceless and increasingly under scrutiny. 1Campfire sets out to change that. Their mission is to share what it means to hunt and to be a hunter. A mission that we believe in. As the name suggests, they’re aiming to create a virtual place for people to come together and gather around the “fire”; to tell their stories and have discussions in an open, honest, respectful way; where wilderness, wildlife & common ground unite.

Together with Adam Janke of Monashee Media we were tasked with finding stories that share these deeper conversations around hunting. Stories that focus on the why, more so than the how.

“1Campfire exists to bring people that love the outdoors together. To inspire constructive dialogue. To tackle tough, but no less critical subjects. This is a place where inclusivity, empathy, and an open mind are the rule, not the exception. Whether you’re a hiker, hunter, gatherer, or just a person who loves the great outdoors, we invite you to share your story.”
1 Campfire – Heather Kelly
1 Campfire – Karl Blattmann
1 Campfire – Ryan Best
1 Campfire – Campaign Teaser

“The Wild Sheep Society of BC through our 1Campfire initiative was first referred to Filter Studios through Monashee Media.  Filter Studios was contracted to complete a film for our outreach campaign and subsequently a second film that focused on Wild Sheep and disease. We have been elated with both film projects and will use their services again.  We have been incredibly pleased with the quality of film Filter Studio produces.  The entire process is meticulously planned, seamless and Jesse and Tash’s professionalism, attention to detail and communication skills must be recognized.  I would without reservation recommend this film production team.

Kyle Stelter, Wild Sheep Society of BC / 1Campfire