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Atlantic Sapphire, a land-based aquaculture success story

Fish For The Future: Atlantic Sapphire

Fish For The Future / Tofino Resort + Marina
Released Summer 2019

Fish For The Future is an organization dedicated to recovering the declining fish stocks of the Clayoquot Sound. A big part of that involves removing the fish farms from the waters. One option that’s often discussed and occasionally attempted is moving these farms on to land. But will it work? Many say no. Atlantic Sapphire says YES! The Denmark-based company has been doing land-based salmon farming for over 10 years. Their “Bluehouse” system has proven that it not only works, but it can be plenty profitable and has very little environmental impact. They’ve decided to bring their knowledge to North America to show the world there is a better way.

In 2019, while in Florida on a filming trip for our documentary “Project Kingsize” (working title), we had the opportunity to tour their MASSIVE $250 Million facility being built just outside of Miami. We weren’t entirely sure what would become of the footage at that point, but we took the opportunity to get some shots and grab a couple interviews and a tour.

After we got back home Willie approached us, wearing his Fish For The Future hat, and said he’d like to put together an education piece of some sort. The general public has no idea that there is a much better way to farm salmon out there. And it’s actually happening. This isn’t just a theory. The challenge with telling this story was a lack of footage. We had a handful of construction site footage, but things weren’t up and running while we were there. A trip to Denmark wasn’t really in the cards. So, what do you do? Animation! Not something we typically do, but production is about problem solving, and more than anything else, pulling together a team. Working with an animator, Fish For The Future and the fine folks at Atlantic Sapphire we created storyboards, design elements, textures, and a style that would not only tell the story effectively, but be on brand so they would be happy to share it and use it for their own marketing and educational purposes.

It’s all about problem solving. Being successful in this business means not being afraid to reach outside your comfort zone. There is no single-solution. While we do always strive to tell a story through the eyes of a subject, sometimes you have to reach into the bin and pull out a different set of solutions to what’s right for the task at hand.

Development storyboards as part of the animation process.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe. I met Filter Studios while working on a cool piece on the Salish Sea, trying to get designation as a Unesco World Heritage Site in conjunction with Sea Legacy. The relationship has morphed into a deep and diverse relationship around business, friendship, philanthropic work, and passions. I am grateful to the Filter team’s storytelling and, most importantly their ethos and DNA.”

Willie Mitchell, Tofino Resort + Marina / Project Kingsize