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Rob & TJ’s story about settling in Nanaimo
Released Throughout 2017

When we were approached by one of the founders of “My Nanaimo” he was feeling a bit putoff and frustrated with how he thought Nanaimo was being represented in marketing, specifically as a place to plant roots and build a family or business. Or both. Along with a few other concerned community members they decided to create the organizatioon as a way to promote the Nanaimo lifestyle through short films. It was important to them that people of several different walks-of-life be represented and that each person featured made a clear and conscious decision to make Nanaimo they’re home.

Stylistically we made a few different choices on this campaign. We knew we wanted the pieces to be short, full of visuals, and that we would be seeing lots of footage of the person being featured, so an interview shot wouldn’t be needed. Instead of a usual on-camera interview, it was decided that we’d do the interviews in an audio booth instead allowing us to focus capture strong, rich, present tones. We also wanted the pieces to feel thoughtful, calm, and intentional. Choosing to shoot all of the footage in slow motion and making music selections that gave a sense of reflection all came together to create the vibe that the clients were hoping for.

Susie Youle’s My Nanaimo
Phil Birrer’s My Nanaimo
Gabriel’s Cafe’s My Nanaimo