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The Rugged Point Lodge Experience

Rugged Point Lodge

Rugged Point Lodge
Released 2021

We first met Kristy and Matt Guiguet, owners of Rugged Point Lodge, while shooting a film for Fishing BC in July of 2018. The lodge is located in the picture-perfect Kyuquot Sound on the West coast of Vancouver Island, on some of the most abundant fishing grounds in the world.

Like most businesses they were starting to feel the pressures and impacts early in 2020 of how the covid pandemic was going to affect their ability to do business in the immediate future and market themselves for the upcoming 2021 and 2022 seasons. Many guides and outfitters rely on conferences and meeting people face-to-face to make their bookings and it was apparent that wasn’t going to be an option for a while. They needed to try something different, so they reached out to us.

Tash doing his best to be the human gimbal onboard with our guide, Mark.

Our pitch was to utilize what it is that makes conferences so successful…. THEM. Make it personal. The fact that the fishing is great, is somewhat of a given, it’s important, sure… but every fishing lodge is going to promise lots of big fish. Nobody else can offer Matt & Kristy and their approach to creating memorable experiences for their guests. We also knew that they had an incredibly deep and personal history with the area. This wasn’t some random chunk of land on the coast that they settled on, this place is full of memories for them.

And so we dug in and found STORY! Yes, we got lots of fantastic footage, too… the lodge, the food, wildlife, chinook on the line flipping through the air at sunset… but in the end we will always look for story. It’s an inherent part of human behaviour, to be interested in and moved by what makes others become the people they are.

A connection that you can build on.

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“Our experience working with Filter Studios was great! Over the last 25 plus years in the industry we have worked with a lot of different film crews, interviewers, and hosts of different tv shows. Filter’s work is as good as gets! We highly recommend them for any type of film work. ”

Kristy Guiguet, Rugged Point Lodge