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 “The Wind & The Wolves” follows Matt Ward on his mission to hunt his very first buck and learn from one of the best guides in the industry, Ben Stourac.


The Wind & The Wolves

Journal Of Mountain Hunting / Monashee Media
Released 2021

Throughout North America, a hunter’s first buck often represents a right of passage — for many, it is a modern coming of age story. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation, securing food for the table and embarking on the life-long path of being a hunter. 

In “The Wind and the Wolves” we follow Matt Ward’s passage through this age-old tradition under the guidance of seasoned mountain guide and outfitter Ben Stourac. In the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia, Matt grapples at odds with the elements that so often conspire against us, the patience needed, the weather, and the Mule deer that call these mountains home.

After the success of the 6-part series, “Beyond The Kill“, that we’d produced the year prior, we were looking forward to working with the Journal on another film. Seemed fitting to check back in on Matt, from parts 1-3 of the BTK series, and see how he’s been progressing.

As we dove into post-production we quickly realized that the initial plan of a 20-ish minute run time just wasn’t going to cut it. The film needed to breathe. As most hunters can attest, you come home with lessons learned on every hunt, whether it’s successful or not. This hunt was no different. There was progress and development that transpired within Matt, as a hunter and maybe even as a person in general, that we wanted to made sure came across. Any big moments that we cut felt like they had too big of an impact on the overall piece and so it was decided to just let it be what it ends up being.

Turns out forty five minutes and four seconds was exactly what it needed to be.


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Poster design by: Jesse Bone

Photo provided by: Nolan Osborne

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“Filter Studios has created the opportunity for us to showcase what we do, and where we go, to our viewers in a story focused package. Their creative direction and film execution has allowed us not only to produce better films, but also to secure greater funding due to to the quality of their work.”

Nolan Osborne, Journal of Mountain Hunting / Monashee Media