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The Salish Sea: A Legacy Moment Produced for SeaLegacy on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

The Salish Sea: A Legacy Moment

Sea Legacy
Released Spring 2017

We first came to know of Sea Legacy through a chance meeting at luggage carousel of our local airport after returning home from a trip to the Yukon. Christina Mittermeier, one of the organizations founders, approached us having watched us loading travel case after travel case onto our carts. I guess she could tell that we worked in production. She quickly mentioned what they do and that they were looking for editors to work with in the area.

We dove into meetings with the team, including co-founder and world-renowned wildlife photographer, Paul Nicklen, going over what we might be able to do to bring more emotional story telling to their mission. Around the same time it was brought to their attention that a bit was being put forth to have the Salish Sea recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We knew we had access to some amazing wildlife footage, thanks to Paul & Christina’s work as National Geographic photographers, but we needed to humanize the story. People find connection with other people, above all else. So along with the facts and explanations that would be provided by the Salish Sea Trust we went out on a casting mission to find two characters that could connect the audience to real life examples of why these waterways need protection.

Talking all things fishing with Willie Mitchell and Brendan Morrison. February, 2017

Enter Willie Mitchell and Tom Stenner.

As luck would have it, Willie Mitchell, a former NHL player and avid obsessed fisherman, was in Nanaimo (where we’re based) for the filming of CBC’s Hometown Hockey. We scrambled to make some sort of contact and eventually ended up getting him on board with the project over breakfast a couple days later.

Tom Stenner brought a different angle. Having lived on the Sunshine Coast his entire life, and working on the water for decades as a Captain he couldn’t imagine a world where our waters become polluted to the point that his children couldn’t swim in them.

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Every 10 years, there is an invitation to nominate Canadian places of natural and cultural significance to be designated as a World Heritage Site. Now is that time. Support the campaign to ensure that the Salish Sea is celebrated and acknowledged for all that it is on an international stage. 

A project by SeaLegacy in association with Salish Sea Trust

A Filter Studios production

Produced by Jesse Bone
Directed by Tash Baycroft
Associate Producer Kait Burgan
Edited by Tash Baycroft

Wildlife Cinematography by Paul Nicklen

Additional Cinematography by
Jesse Bone
Tash Baycroft
Cristina Mittermeier

Original Score by Oliver Michael
Audio Post Production by Keith White Audio

Additional Footage Provided by
Tavish Campbell
Wade Pringle

Title Design by Patrick Belanger

Special Thanks to
RED Digital Cinema
DJI Global
Waterproof Diving
Cumberland Fly Shop
Sunshine Coast Air
Dolphin Marine Services
Dave McCaffrey