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“Inspired By Adventure” Brand Anthem

Tofino Resort + Marina

Tofino Resort + Marina
Multiple Releases 2018 to 2020

We’d originally met Willie Mitchell when we filmed him on a fly-fishing adventure for “The Salish Sea: A Legacy Moment” film in 2017. He had recently become a partner and the managing director at Tofino Resort + Marina. Their marketing plan was to focus on adventure and embrace the west coast lifestyle. This eventually developed into their slogan, “Inspired By Adventure”. Haha, PERFECT! We can do that.

In the years since we’ve done just that… we’ve been incredibly inspired by what they do and the experiences they provide. We’ve had so many memorable days while out in the field gathering assets mostly focused in and around the water, but also in the forests, on the beaches and shorelines, and we can’t forget the kitchen. So many amazing wildlife experiences! I think above all they’ve shown us that adventure can be interpreted in so many ways. It’s more about a mindset, than an actual event.

We’ve covered the elements of what happens on the property: the rooms, the restaurant & pub, the adventure centre. We’ve covered events: Race For The Blue Tuna derby, Fish For The Future Coho derby.
We’ve covered community groups on their behalf: Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society, Central Westcoast Forest Society.
We’ve covered the future of salmon farming: landbased Atlantic Sapphire in Miami, Florida.

This is the type of client that creators like us can only dream of, they believe in the power of story and they trust us to execute on it.

Hot Springs Promo
Whale Watching Promo
Free diving Promo
Race for the Blue Promo
Fishing Promo
Bear Tours Promo
1909 Kitchen
Adventure Centre Loop
Brand Anthem Social Edit

“Your vibe attracts your tribe. I met Filter Studios while working on a cool piece on the Salish Sea, trying to get designation as a Unesco World Heritage Site in conjunction with Sea Legacy. The relationship has morphed into a deep and diverse relationship around business, friendship, philanthropic work, and passions. I am grateful to the Filter team’s storytelling and, most importantly their ethos and DNA.”

Willie Mitchell, Tofino Resort + Marina / Project Kingsize