Wilderness Production

Whether it’s the peak of the Rocky Mountains or 120 miles offshore, we’ve been to both, and we love filming in wild places. There’s nothing quite like the challenge of bringing the technical side of filmmaking to the world’s most remote, most challenging, and most hard-to-reach vistas!

As avid outdoorsmen, everyone on the Filter team shares the same conviction: the natural world we have left is a gift, and our responsibility is to help preserve it. It’s simple since we both work and play in the great outdoors, we feel a strong obligation to leave the wilderness in as good or better a condition as how we found it every time we go outside. As a result, Filter Studios is a proud member of “2% for Conservation.”

We’ve long believed that the right story told in the right way can change the world, so we are passionate about creating films that help engage, inspire and call people to action. We want to be there when you’re ready to let your story make a difference. 

Nature is not merely something to be looked at but something we are all immersed in every day, whether we realize it or not.