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A story of the struggles faced by the Tofino hatchery

Fish For The Future: Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society

Fish For The Future Fund
Released Summer 2018

Fish For The Future started as a family friendly, catch-and-release coho derby by Tofino Resort + Marina partner and managing director, Willie Mitchell. Willie is passionate beyond measure when it comes to salmon stocks, particularly in the Clayoquot Sound. This man bleeds fish salmon blood! He contacted us one day saying he had the had been invited by the Doug from to the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Program to spend a day doing broodstock collection on one of the 13 rivers in the Clayoquot watershed. We jumped at the chance, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into or what the exact story was going to be.

We met at the dock on a crisp fall morning and started the long journey up to the mouth of the river. Not a lot of small talk on a trip like this. We quickly learned about the struggles that the hatchery faces. We had an idea going in, but they painted the picture in much more detail. This was the story to focus on. What these programs receive for funding is almost laughable.

Our hope was to shed some light on the struggles they face, while highlighting the amazing efforts that these people continue to put forward on a yearly, seasonally, and daily basis.

The Fish For the Future derby continues, but it has also spawned a year-round conservation initiative, known as the Fish For The Future Fund. Donations can be made here.

For more information on what the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society is doing, or to donate directly go to

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In the fall of 2020 we submitted this film to 2% For Conservation’s Media Awards and were honoured to be recognized as a runner-up in the competition.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe. I met Filter Studios while working on a cool piece on the Salish Sea, trying to get designation as a Unesco World Heritage Site in conjunction with Sea Legacy. The relationship has morphed into a deep and diverse relationship around business, friendship, philanthropic work, and passions. I am grateful to the Filter team’s storytelling and, most importantly their ethos and DNA.”

Willie Mitchell, Tofino Resort + Marina / Project Kingsize